What is Gas?

Gas is an app to compliment your friends.

How much does it cost?

With Gas, it's always free to compliment your friends but we offer upgrades that make things more interesting.

Who made Gas?

Gas was designed and developed by Nikita Bier (founder of tbh), Isaiah Turner, and Dave Schatz.

Why did you create Gas?

We wanted to create a place that makes us feel better about ourselves. We hope that Gas shows you that there are people who love and admire you.

When was Gas launched?

Gas was launched in August 2022.

When will it be available on Android?

We don’t have a release date at this time.

Is Gas private?

Gas cares intensely about user privacy. Account information is only used to run the app and help you connect with friends. Gas will never sell or share personal information with third-parties, except as described in our Privacy Policy.

Is Gas safe?

Gas is designed to be a safe place to interact with friends. Users can only interact through polls and only with people they have accepted as a friend. Unlike apps like Snapchat or Instagram, we do not support messaging between users. Read more in our Safety Center.

Where is Gas available?

Gas is currently only available in some regions. We are growing our server capacity to support more users.

The App

How do I sign up?

Gas is available on the App Store here.

How do I add friends?

Swipe to the Add Friends screen. There you can add friends in four different ways:

Can I see who answered a poll about me?

By default, Gas only shows the grade and gender of the person who voted for you, so everyone feels comfortable sharing compliments with each other.

However, for the ones that you're dying to know, you can reveal who sent it by upgrading to God Mode.

Are the messages real?

Every single poll you receive is sent by your friends, classmates, or contacts. We will never auto-generate messages.

What are Flames?

Flames are sent to you when you are selected in a poll. The flame is pink when a girl picks you, blue when a boy picks you and purple when a non-binary person picks you. The polls that you’ve been selected for the most show up on your Profile, under Top Flames.

Why are my friends getting more flames than me?

Don't worry—Gas wants to spread the love. The app will automatically show you in polls more often if you haven’t been picked recently.

What are Coins?

Coins are earned by answering polls about your friends. Coins can be used to put your name in your friends'—or your crush's—polls so they can vote on you more.

To redeem your coins, go to your Profile and tap shop.

God Mode

What is God Mode?

God Mode is a subscription that unlocks these features:

Why isn't God Mode free?

We made Gas so people feel comfortable sending compliments (almost) anonymously. If every poll was revealed, fewer compliments would be sent. Most users can enjoy the app without spending any money. It’s more fun when it’s a mystery anyway.

How do I get God Mode?

God Mode can be purchased by tapping the button  see who likes you on your Inbox or inside of a poll you've received. It is currently being rolled out to a limited number of users, so check back to see if you have it.

Is God Mode private?

Yes. Gas does not show which users have God Mode.

How can parents supervise purchases on Gas? 

Parents or guardians should enable Ask to Buy for devices within your Family Group. This will allow you to consent to individual transactions made from mobile apps. Step-by-step instructions can be found here. You can also disable in-app purchases completely via Screentime, which is located in the Settings app.


I can't find my friends. Help.

Usually this means your contacts have not synced. If you see an alert to enable contacts, tap it to enable. You can also open the Settings app on your phone › select Gas › Enable Contacts.

How do I remove a friend?

Go to your Profile, tap added and then tap remove friend.

How do I unhide or unblock someone?

Go to your Profile and tap edit profile. Then under Account Settings, tap manage account. From there, you can reset your Hides and Blocks.

Why do I need a phone number and contacts?

Your phone number is used to log into your account and your contacts are used to find your friends. Your phone number or contacts are never shared with other users.

What is location access used for?

Your location is never tracked or linked to your account. Gas only uses your location one-time to find nearby schools to join and to determine if Gas is available in your area. This helps us ensure that people only join schools that they are attending. After signup, you can always disable access to it and it will not impact your experience.

Are real names required?

You should always use a name that your friends recognize so that your friends can vote for you and you don’t get mistaken for someone else. This means:

Someone is impersonating me. How do I report them?

To report impersonation, open the user's profile › tap in the left corner › select report user. Provide as much information as you can in the input box.

To expedite the process, you should also send an email to help@gasapp.co with a photo of your ID and the phone number you used to sign up. We will review your report and follow up as soon as possible. This process can take up to 7 days.

My friend signed up with my phone number. How do I fix it?

We use your phone number to identify you so you should never sign up with a phone number that doesn’t belong to you. If you do, please logout of the app and sign up again with your own phone number.

I had a negative experience on the app. How do I report it?

We care deeply about our users and we strive to make our community safe and inclusive. If you see an account that is breaking the rules, tap on their profile to submit a report.

You can also reach out to our team directly at help@gasapp.co and share your feedback or experience. We would love to hear from you.

Why are my contacts in polls? How do I remove them? 

Until you have 4 friends, we use your contacts as placeholders in the polls so you can still play the game. Don't worry: selecting contacts in polls does not send them a text message. We will never send texts without your permission. If you'd like to remove contacts from your polls, add more friends.

How do I log out? 

Go to your profile and tap edit profile, then on Account Settings tap  logout.

How do I delete my account?

Swipe over to your Profile and tap edit profile. Then under Account Settings, tap manage account. When you deactivate your account, your friends won't be able to find or vote on you. After 24 hours, your account will not be recoverable. If you'd like to reactivate your account before that happens, just login with your phone number.


How do I join my school?

During signup, tap enable location and then pick your school and grade. Gas only uses your approximate location to find nearby schools and the data is never stored or linked to your identity. Please remember to only join a school that you are currently attending because you will only be able to change your school once.

At this time, we only support U.S. and Canadian high schools.

I was removed from my school. Why did that happen?

Gas wants to create a safe place for students to compliment each other. To protect our community, we proactively remove users from schools based on signals about their account. For example, if most of your contacts do not go to your selected school, Gas may remove you until more of your friends join the app. If you were removed in error, please email us.

I signed up with the wrong school/grade/name. What do I do?

You are allowed to change your school, grade or name once per account. You can change these by swiping to your Profile and tapping edit profile. If a change was made in error, you can contact us by tapping get help in the app.

My school is not listed. How do I add it? 

Our school list should contain all U.S. and Canadian high schools but sometimes we miss one. If your school is not appearing when searching, please email us at help@gasapp.co and include the full name of your school, its city & state, and the abbreviation (e.g., RHS).

What age is Gas designed for? 

Gas is designed for high school students, and users under 13 years old are prohibited and should not use or download Gas. If you are a parent or guardian of a pre-teen, we advise setting controls on your minor's phone to prevent access to social media applications. Step-by-step instructions can be found here.