Safety Center

Keeping users safe is our highest priority

Gas is an app to give compliments to our friends and improve our self-esteem. Here are some of the steps we take to make your experience with the app safe and private.

How Gas keeps data safe

How Gas keeps you safe

How to stay safe on Gas

Only join schools that you currently attend

Schools are provided to help friends find each other. When you join a school that isn’t yours, people who don’t know you can request to be friends with you. Never join a school that you don't attend.

Only send or accept friend requests from people who you know in real life

Gas is an app to compliment friends that you know. Adding strangers will allow people who don’t know you to vote on you.

Do not share phone numbers, devices, or codes with friends

Sharing phones or your phone number can cause your account to be compromised or your user data to be corrupted.

Disable Location Access after signing up

Gas does not need your location after signing up. We only use it to find nearby schools to join. Disabling it will not impact your experience. To disable, open the Settings app › select Gas › Set Location to Never.

Set Your Privacy Preferences

Your friends can see your Top Flames when visiting your profile If you are not comfortable with this, you can hide them by going to edit profile manage account Hide Top Flames.

How to keep friends safe

Report users who are breaking the rules

If you see a user breaking the rules, open the user's profile › tap in the left corner › select report user. Provide as much information as you can in the input box.

Do not sign up under someone else’s name

Gas works best when the names you see in polls are the people who they say they are. If you sign up with a fake name, it hurts our community.

Do not use inappropriate profile photos

Your profile photo should represent you. While it doesn’t need to be a photo of you, you should never provide a photo that contains graphic or hateful images.

How to reach us

We are always trying to make Gas better. If you have any feedback or want to report a negative experience, please reach out at